Control Your Period

Yes, You Can Control Your Cycle!

Decrease Pain and Rebalance Your Hormones

Do you feel powerless over your cycles? Do you dread every cycle because of PMS, pain, bloating, clotting, etc? Have your symptoms been ignored? Do you feel like you don’t fully understand your body and what is going on every month?

80% of women experience period pain every cycle, only 12% of women know how to track their cycle and when they are ovulating,  and NO, that is NOT normal!

Our body is meant to shed its uterine lining with ease as a natural process related to our reproductive health. If you are experiencing pain, heavy clotting, diagnosed with endometriosis or PCOS, then that is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong! And its time you stop ignoring what your body is trying to tell you!

Ready to reclaim your vitality, banish period pain, and unlock the secrets to hormonal harmony? This Control Your Period Masterclass is going to transform your life!

🩸 Say goodbye to the monthly misery of painful periods and hormonal rollercoasters. In this comprehensive program, you’ll embark on a journey of empowerment, equipping yourself with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to take control of your hormonal health and reclaim your vitality.

🌸 You’ll discover how to rebalance your hormones naturally, restore harmony to your menstrual cycle, and eliminate period pain for good. No more suffering in silence – it’s time to thrive!

📚 Dive deep into the science of hormones, understanding how they impact your health, mood, and vitality. Learn practical techniques to support hormone balance through nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and holistic wellness practices.

🔄 Explore the art of cycle tracking, mastering the rhythms of your menstrual cycle to unlock valuable insights into your hormonal health. Say hello to predictability, goodbye to surprises, and take back control of your body with confidence.

🌈 Join a supportive facebook community of like-minded women on a journey of empowerment and transformation. Share experiences, celebrate victories, and receive guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

Don’t settle for a life of hormonal chaos and period pain. Take charge of your health, embrace your feminine power, and step into a world of Hormone Harmony today! Your journey to vibrant health and vitality starts now. Let’s thrive together!

Get ready to empower yourself with the information needed to
begin your healing journey and finally gain control of your cycle!

About ME

My name is Mya! My journey into becoming a fertility coach all started with my own reproductive issues. From the moment I started my first cycle, Mother Nature greeted me with severe pain, heavy periods, clotting, and did I say SEVERE pain? To the point where I was M.I.A. from school at least three days every cycle. It was so horrible. But I thought it was normal. Talking about your period to your friends or family was taboo, you just didn’t do it. So I kept on and carried on.

When I was in my early 20s I was diagnosed with endometriosis, but when I asked my doctor questions about it I barely got a text book definition and the simple advice that “if I choose to get the laparoscopic surgery then there is a 50% chance it will come back.” I was so confused and didn’t understand what the point of a surgery would be if there was a 50% chance it would come back in the next few years. Needless to say my lack of understanding caused me to opt out of the surgery. For the pain, my symptoms were always dismissed, and I was always either advised to try this different birth control or take this different pain medicine. And so life continued… and I chugged along, one painful period at a time.

Fast forward 6 years later and my fertility journey began. We wanted to grow our family but I just wasn’t getting pregnant. After many years of trying, I decided it was time to head to a specialist. After a lot of research and calls, I decided on a fertility clinic that focused on research. They were amazing! But after blood work results that were just not in my favor and a failed stimulation, I began to hear the dreaded: “low AMH”, “poor egg quality”, “consider donor eggs”, etc. I was heartbroken!

Then it all changed with one last consultation with my doctor before making the decision as to whether or not to move forward with donor eggs.  We had a long chat about the process and how it would work. And at the very end I said, “This is a very big decision to make. I feel like if I decide to move forward with donor eggs, then I am forever giving up on my own eggs. I don’t know if I can do that. I need some more time to think about it all.”

He paused for a moment and said “My specialty is in assisted reproductive procedures if you ask me what our prognosis is for an IVF journey with your current blood test results, ultrasound results, and previous failed stimulation, research would force me to tell you that if you want a baby as soon as possible then you should proceed with donor eggs. However, I have seen some cases where we have patients with low AMH, high FSH, failed stimulations, failed transfers, etc, and they disappear for 6 months or a year and when they come back and get their bloodwork redone, we see I a surprisingly impressive improvement in their results; and these women go on to have successful IVF babies. I had a women come in yesterday that was this exact scenario. I asked her what she did in order to improve her results and she said that she took time to heal her body holistically, through changing her diet, taking supplements that helped with egg quality, learning how to lower stress levels, etc. Like I said, my speciality is in assisted reproductive procedures, so I don’t know too much about ‘holistic healing’ but maybe you should look into it a bit.”

And with that info, I went home. And I started. I started researching everything about reproduction. Eggs, ovulation, FSH, AMH, endometriosis, estrogen, progesterone, sperm, tubes, cervical mucus, PCOS, endometrium, mensuration, etc. And then, when I understood the female and male reproductive systems inside and out, I began to read about nutrients, rebalancing hormones, vitamins, what birth control does to your body, gut health, stress, Chinese medicine, meditation, supplements, blood sugar, toxins in the environment, etc. and how all these things directly and indirectly effect fertility and menstruation.

I must have read hundreds of research articles, books, blogs, courses, etc. on it all. I began implementing the knowledge I was learning into my lifestyle as I was learning it. And WOW was there a difference! Within 3 months my period pain went from a regular 8/10 for the first 2 days to a regular 3/10 the first 2 days! I was so impressed with the difference I noticed in my period that I was determine to heal my womb and get pregnant! Within a year and a half, I had a successful transfer and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!

After many conversations with friends and family members I realized that most women do not know or understand the knowledge that I was so lucky to acquire when it comes to reproductive health. So I decided to make it my mission to teach as many women as I can about how to control their body and not let their body control them! I got certified in holistic nutrition and FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management) in order to better teach what I know. I have been running workshops and one to one sessions for 5 years, helping women to deal with menstrual issues, inflammation, unexplained infertility, navigating IVF, and more!

I am so excited for you to be apart of my program and to work with you to help you get the power of your cycle back into your hands!

Start Your Journey to Healing Today!


"After struggling with infertility for years, I decided to try a holistic fertility program. Thanks to natural methods, I'm now expecting my first child!"
Jessica Dill
"I suffered from horrible period pain and heavy bleeding due to PCOS for years. The holistic approach Mya takes helped me regulate my cycles, reduce pain, and improve overall reproductive health. I'm now experiencing lighter periods and less discomfort, thanks to the natural remedies and lifestyle changes recommended."
Sabrina Schmitz
"I appreciated the holistic approach of the fertility program, which focused on addressing the root causes of infertility rather than just treating symptoms. It made all the difference for me and my health."
Jemmah Shaf
"This program has left me feeling so confident in my own skin when it comes to understanding my body, cycle, hormones, and how everything is connected. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to fix menstrual issues, prepare for pregnancy or trying to conceive naturally."
Marta Martinez
"I'm amazed at how quickly I was able to conceive after making simple lifestyle changes recommended by the program. It's been a game-changer for me and my family."
Nadia Kammer
"I couldn't believe it when I got pregnant naturally after just a few months of following the recommendations from my holistic fertility coach. It feels like a miracle!"
Fatima Khan
"I struggled with hormonal imbalances and irregular cycles for most of my adult life, but working with Mya helped me rebalance my hormones naturally and conceive!"
Dahlilah Emerson
"Dealing with heavy bleeding, clotting, and severe cramps every month was exhausting and disruptive to my life. Doctors constantly ignored my symptoms and I felt like it was something I just needed to live with. Working with Mya provided me with effective solutions that targeted the root causes of my menstrual issues. By incorporating dietary changes, acupuncture, and stress management techniques into my routine, I've experienced a remarkable reduction in period pain, clotting, and overall menstrual discomfort!"
Brittany Johnson
"I was recommended to work with Mya by a very close friend of mine. I was very interested in the programs she offered but wasnt able to afford the program I was most interested in. She was so wonderful and worked out a payment plan within my budget. Her program has transformed my life! It was worth every penny!"
Andrea Lopez
"This will Transform your life!"
Marion Kohl

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