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Relationship Coaching and/or Matchmaking Service

My Relationship Coaching Program works with couples struggling to maintain their passion while also meeting each others needs. I work with couples as new as a few weeks to couples that have been married for decades! 

Coaching sessions will help and your partner:

-Deep dive into the issues being faced 

– Learn how to communicate and understand each other in order to feel loved, respected, seen, heard, and desired

-Cultivate self care and self love within the relationship

-Develop healthy and clear boundaries

-Foster/transform/or create beautiful intimate passion with one another

-Create a fulfilling and successful relationship with your partner!

The Matchmaking Service is designed to help Singles navigate the world of dating while feeling confident, setting boundaries, courting and more. 

Sessions include:– Learning how to navigate the world of dating (including online dating)– Recognize red and green flags while dating – Learn to communicate in order to find the right person for you -Cultivate self care and self love throughout the dating process-Develop healthy and clear boundaries-Develop a strong bond and intense intimacy-Create a fulfilling and successful relationship with your partner!

Devine Feminine Energy

My feminine energy coaching program is designed to help you tap into the power of your feminine energy and reclaim your natural gifts of intuition, creativity, and nurturing. When you’re in alignment with your feminine energy, you’ll experience more joy, ease, and abundance in all areas of your life!

Coaching sessions will help you:
– Reconnect with your intuition and inner guidance
– Embrace your authentic self
-Cultivate self care and self love (learn to love yourself again!)
-Develop healthy and clear boundaries
-Foster/transform/or create beautiful intimate relationships with those you love
-Create a fulfilling and successful life that you love everyday!

Feminine Energy Group Sessions/Workshops

My feminine energy group sessions and workshops help you understand the difference between feminine and masculine energy, as well as the impacts it has on your life. When you are sitting more in your masculine energy, it can cause some major
chaos in all areas of your life!

Group sessions/workshops will help you:
– Learn the difference between masculine and feminine energies
– Understand how masculine energies effect
your life in different areas
-Learn ways to tune more into your feminine energy
-Develop healthy and clear boundaries 

Feminine Energy Group Sessions/Workshops

Are you looking for a safe and nurturing space to explore and tap into your feminine energy?
If so, our retreats and events are perfect for you!
They are designed to help you reconnect with your authentic self, release any negative energy, and embrace your femininity. Offering a range of activities and masterclasses that are designed to help you deepen your connection with your body, mind, and soul through the feminine.
Our Retreats/Events will give you the opportunity to:
– Practice meditation
– Participate in group discussions and workshops
– Connect with other like-minded women
– Learn tools and techniques to tap into your feminine energy
– Release any negative emotions or energy that may be blocking your femininity
– Relax and recharge in a beautiful in a new environment

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